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Hello! Great Work!.  I Want To Use This In My Game Project I Will Make The Credits

Hey, great work! Would it be ok if i used a modified version in my game?

Hi, how can we reach you?

hello, I wanted to know if i would be allowed to use this for my twitch background with some modifications. I would credit you of course.

Hi! of course you can use and modify!

Incrivel, usei no meu jogo e ficou muito lindo (eu achei) coloquei seus creditos e futuramente se um dia conseguir ganhar algum dinheiro na vida, irei comprar esses outros que são pagos.

  Emfim trabalho muito bem feito. <Caso queira ver o projeto

Nossa muito obrigado! espero que você ganhe muito dinheiro, se você quiser comprar os outros cenários ou quiser algo específico personalizado pode me mandar um email ou mensagem, pois o dólar ta bem caro e eu sei que é complicado comprar em sites internacionais :)

Pode  deixar!

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Hello, I have used your asset in my game. added your name to the credits. If you don't want me to use your resources, I can delete the assets. (Sorry for the translation)

Steam İtch Moddb


Yes of course you can use! your game looks cool! :)

Very nice, great work 👍

Thanks! :)

bro, your art is very beuatiful 

Thank you!

Can I use these beautiful arts in my game?

Yes of course!

Thank you!


Thank you for sharing. This image is beautiful and I love the color palette.

I wrote an article about Why Do Indie Games Use Pixel Art. In it I included your image, credit to you and a link that redirects back to this page.

If you don't desire to have the image or link included please notify me and I will remove it immediately. 

Great article <3 thanks for using my asset.

Ok, first I've loved your backgrounds, your use of light is really cool (especially in the forest one). Secondly, porra tu é de Rio Grande velho?!!??! ahasuasuashasus muito tri tuas arte


Porra siiim, tu é também? muito obrigado! <3

Ei, eu tó fazendo um jogo comercial (pago) e eu queria usar suas pixel art nele, queria saber se você autoriza?


Pode sim!


Great! Job!

The parallax background is awesome! Great job!

thanks a lot! was used in my game :)

Hi! I plan to use your designs in my game Destiny Oblivion

Que lindooo <3

Muuuuito obrigado <3

Hi there.  I used some of your art for my browser-based Color by Number game:

Thanks, it's a lot of fun coloring them! :D


You can see me coloring it here :D

Wow!! That'is so cool. Could I use as any stage (background) of my game? If you prefer, I can put the credits to this your page.

Yes you can use! I would be happy if you put my name :)

can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


Yes you can use commercially.

can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


God bless you!

Thank you! :)

Thank you for sharing your art! I wanted layers moving separately, but my video editing program is kinda hard to do that so I just moved the whole thing. It was first time trying animation and pixel art for me. I'm happy to find such amazing gems on the internet!

Thanks :)

Cool video :)

hello there 

sir i wondering if i can download this background for free 

i will use it in my app (commercial use)

so what do you think?????

Hi, yes you can download for free, and yes you can use commercially!

To download for Free just put 0 usd and download the file!

Hello edermunizz,

Just want to inform you that I've used this awesome parallax background for my game!

Jurassic ParkOUR (Yes, it's a pun PUNished me)

I've properly credited you on the details page and I'll add a credits page on the game as well on the following days. Just letting you know and keep creating good content! GL HF!


Hi thank you for crediting me <3

I played your game, it's very good, congrats!


absolutely adorable!!! 


Thank you!

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I'm using this for my game school project,  really nice and great, best  background for 2D games i think. Just created an account for this message. Thank you!

Can I use this In my Game? I will Credit you and give your Link to this and Twitter, Your Twitter ID please...

Wow. I wish I was this good. Do you have any tips? Could you teach me?

I think you're overestimating me haha. Well I'm not a teacher but one thing that's help me, it's use custom brushes, and layers mask. You can found a lot of tutorials on youtube about this. :)


Thank you!

very nice !