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I love these assets! I'm thinking about using these in a small mobile commercial game. I was wondering if I could modify them to create say some winter variations. Would you be fine with this? I'd give you credit on the app page in the store.

Yes of course, you can modify whatever you want and use in any game, even commercial. The only thing that you can't do it's redistribute the asset. :)

Great! Thanks a lot!

Can I use this Assets as A Special Level. My game's a Platformer game with Game Feel And Juice... I will Credit You at the start of the Level, At the Loading Bar and Also give  a link to this and Add your Twitter or FB id, Can you give the Link?

Hi, of course you can! my twitter is: You can use in commercial games too.

oh this is really nice

Thank you!  :)

Looks great :P I would love to work with you on a game! If your interested hmu! @hampel_evan dms open!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Very nice

Thanks :)



Thank You!