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Hi friend, the co-op bundle has been created, now you need to approve your participation in the bundle so that it can be published, thanks for your participation, I remain at your disposal for any questions, greetings!!!

Can these be used for animation? Not a game, just a short pixel art animation that I'm working on.

Yes! :)

parallax BG demo (type-b)



Hello, you have three forest designs, two paid and one free, I will ask you a question for all three.

Can it be used for commercial projects? Also, can it be edited and recolored to suit my color palette? I'll put you in the credits at the end of the game or in the main menu in the credits section.

Hey! Yes you can edit whatever you want and use in commercial projects :)

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Yes I would love to participate!

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Can i use this for commercial game

I will put your name in game at end and start of game.

Hii, yes you can use!

Hello. May i ask if i can use this video of yours for my research presentation? thank you and GOD BLESS

Yes you can use!

Well those are gorgeous


Hey edermunizz, 

Similar question to macky32, I make videos on YouTube and would like to use some of your forest art on an end screen, would that be okay?

Absolutely love your art by the way and all the best

Yes you can use.

Hi, Can I use the youtube video of this? for my stream and youtube background purposes only.  I can put credit while this running. I'm a small streamer and game video creator only, Let me know if I have a permission to do this. Thanks.

Hi, yes of coures you can use.

Hi, great pixel art! I work with a group that is doing online video performances during the pandemic, and we would love to use your pixel forest as a motion graphic background for one of our upcoming performances! Do you have a demo .mp4 (or other video format) file of this that I could purchase? We would also credit you of course :) Thanks!

Our group is called 13th Floor Dance Theater btw, and we're based in California, USA.

Hi! Sorry I dont have any demo or video :( you can download the video from youtube and use!


Made a game jam with this!




Hi, just want to re-confirm. Can we use a purchased asset to more than one game?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).


Hi, yes you can use in more than one game, you can use in multiple products!

hi i have a quick question. Is there any possibility of getting an invoice for this payment? :)

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Hi, yes you can use in commercial purpose! but you need to credit me! Also thanks for the tip, I will update the txt file and add the info on as soon as possible!


Excellent! I'll remember to do this in my game credits!

queria muito essa mano ;-;  pena que não posso pagar agora

Just had a look at all your work, definitely inspired by Eyvind Earle. Perfect style for pixel art really, really like all of it.

Yes haha, Eyvind Earle is my favorite artist ever, glad that you notice :)

I just got the book Awaking Beauty for christmas so it's fresh in my mind, love his art too!