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Can I use your backgrounds for commercial purposes? Thanks.

P.S it would be better to state licence details on this page in the "more information" and also a "credits.txt" for people that wish to credit and if you want to get credited. Thanks for making affordable and beautiful assets.

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Hi, yes you can use in commercial purpose! but you need to credit me! Also thanks for the tip, I will update the txt file and add the info on as soon as possible!


queria muito essa mano ;-;  pena que não posso pagar agora

Just had a look at all your work, definitely inspired by Eyvind Earle. Perfect style for pixel art really, really like all of it.

Yes haha, Eyvind Earle is my favorite artist ever, glad that you notice :)

I just got the book Awaking Beauty for christmas so it's fresh in my mind, love his art too!