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An 16x16 tilemap of an overworld that you can immediately use for your project with ease! Make an adventure game, or a RPG, its up to you!


1 16x16 tilemap

1 16x16 animated water tilemap

Some clounds and mountains prefabs.

What's in the Tilemap?

There's mountains, forest, castles and cities, hills, clouds and shadows for the castles and mountains.


PSD and PNG files.

Examples in PNG.

Lisense: You can use this asset even commercially, just give proper credit. There's a txt file with the details.

Feel free to send me messages or leave a comment if you have questions or need more info. Enjoy!

   Other assets:


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Free Pixel Art Overworld Tileset.zip 1 MB


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This has a nice artistic style. I would like to use it for an open-source game, but the No-Derivatives clause of the license you chose makes it impossible to adapt and extend for a game. Any chance you could re-license it to CC-by or CC-by-SA? Thanks!

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I didn't actually use any cc-by license because I don't feel like these license encompasses the way assets in games or projects works, instead you can see the license here:

In the full license you can see that you can use these sprites in open source projects with no problem! But, if this license have some kind of legal problem please let me know, I'm not an experd on this :)


Thanks for the response. The problem with your custom license is that open-source games (at least those with also open-source art assets) by the very nature of them can't restrict re-distribution as legally speaking this prevents them to be made available in any of the typical software distribution channels like the app-stores of Linux distributions, Flathub etc. In fact the entire concept of not allowing redistribution is legally unclear... what if I put a game made with your assets on Steam? Legally that means Valve is redistributing your files when someone downloads the game.

In general due to such kind of legal questions, open-source games usually stay clear of anything but well known standardised licenses like those from the Creative Commons project, as those have actually been developed by lawyers with experience in the field.

Good for a simple game.

Hi! Thank you for the great assets! I used your them for a game I made for the KaijuJam, the buildings was exactly what I needed and I ended up creating a destroyed version of all the buildings with animated smoke effect. https://floatingoer.itch.io/dragonslide

Thank you! really cool game! :)

Thank you so much for amazing free assets, i really love all of your asset! But can i do some modify to your assets? like making template from your tile and change it’s color. It’s for my learning purpose, but i will credit your page and link, is it okay to do that?

Hi! yes you can modify how you want! But you cannot redistribute the files, no matter how much you modify.

Thank you, glad you like my assets <3

Thank you so much! I don’t want to redistribute it since i really adore the original (and i will never redistribute anything). Wish you had a great day and thank you for sharing <3

lovely! Makes me think of intellivision!


Thanks! I never thought of that :)

Specifically, D&D Cloudy Mountain!

OMG bro, u'r creating AMAZING content, keep doing that :D 
So huge thanks for this, and all u'r other artworks. U'r free assets are too good to be free :)

I'll be inspired by this work :)))

Thank you very much for your kind words :) <3

thank you for these amazing works!

Thank you! :)

thank you for your assets



Hey man how much would it cost to purchase this or could I possibly commission you for some artwork?


This asset is free to use even commercially, I'm not doing commissions sorry :(

oi, brother, blz? tenho um projeto e preciso de um artista. se tiver interesse entre em contato.

Obrigado mas estou sem tempo :/


Thanks :)

This looks great ^^, really neat style of art.

Thank you! :)