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thank you!


Love the atomosphere of this. The thin spindly branches on the trees give it a bit of an eerie vibe.

Great pixel parallax forest assets. Cheers!

Thank you <3


Hello, I read the licensing what do you mean by distributing?

Thanks Bro

Hi. I used this background for a game. Thank you so much for this asset! I gave you credits in the game's repo.

Here's a video of it

And here's the repo with your name in the credits:


- Eduardo from Wistarr Games

thx for helping me with my game really helped THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

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Hello, probably not the most usual ussage of your asset. I used it as main baner for my blog about Indie Games and I love it! (Of cource there's a link to your site in the footer). Blog is in polish so you might not understand it, but still I wanted to say Thanks :)

Hello, I am a game developer and you said that I will use asset pack in my game and don't forget to give a commercial game loan.


Ups i did ir again ;)

Thx fot this amazing asset! and for subscribe my channel =)

Thanks! :)

Your project looks so amazing!

looks awesome

Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Hey thank you for the invite! I submited my pixel art forest :)

I appreciate your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Thank You So Much For This Asset!

My game looks so much more alive now!

Thank you!


Hey, i am doing a game for a-levels. Would i be allowed to use your background in it?


Deleted post

Hi Is it allright for me to use this for a  game jam


does anyone even read. 


You can use this asset even commercially, just give proper credit. There's a txt file with the details.

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Hey edermunizz! How you doing? 

Just passing to thank you a lot for these great assets!

I've used them in a Parallax tutorial i've created to my community (i'll link it bellow).

I've also used it on a sandbox project i've built to test some functionalities and craft a state machine side by side with my community!

THANK YOU! Really. Loved your work and it helped us a lot!

PS: The video is portuguese spoken. But you can see the results jumping for the end of it comes to your interest. Thanks again!

Hi! You did a great work drawing these forest tiles, the round design really gives it some life in a relaxing way.

Do you mind if you asset are used in a adult-orientated games?

For instance, Future Fragments and Crisis Point?

can i use this for an intermission page on my stream???

Hi! I've used this background for the table image in my Tabletop Simulator upload, I love it!

Wow, it looks awesome! :)

Where did u downloaded the audio of this map it's jus amazing or u created one?

You mean the youtube video? I don't remember honestly... It's just and CCO audio...

Thank you for creating such a detailed and beautiful background! It really helped to tie the rest of the game art together! Here is my Game Jam Project That I worked on. Check it out if you have a chance and have a nice day :)

Thank you! :) your game looks very awesome :)

Hey saw that you were using this image, just wanted to say if you were planning on adding a leveling system to your game I have a Status window game asset on my page good luck!

Dios mío, ¡qué genial es esto! ¿Crees que podría usarlo para mi juego? :, 3 

Olá! não sei escrever em espanhol :( mas pode sim usar em seu jogo! <3


Damn it man! Damn it! this is grogeous! do you do tutorials or have a parteon account? wud love to learn from you.

Hi! Thank you very much! I don't have any tutorial :( you are the first person to ask if I do have an patreon account, unfortunately I don't have, but I'm planning to do maybe an ko-fi with montly rewards... I just need time hahaah

thank you i will use this for my project i will give you credits background artist cheers- cool penguin :)

Thank you! <3

Hi, your readme.txt in the download doesn't specify the license particulars.  (I was able to find information by looking at the info on, but you really want to have the license particulars in the readme.txt.)

Hi! Thanks! I just update the asset, and added the license.txt that contains all info needed :)

You're so talented! And you don't know how much the people who use this set appreciates the fact that you put so much effort into something that you're gonna give away for free!

Thank you! <3

Awesome asset! I thought I would notify you of some minor spelling errors in your readme file.
It says: "Thank you for buy my Fre Pixel Art Forest!", you probably want to change it to "[ing] my Fre[e]...".
Also, you may want to change "Another assets available in store" to "My other assets, available online".
Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much for your help! Just updated the asset. I do have some problems with english hahaha

Thanks a lot !! :D

Thank you! :)


Thanks! :)


Thank you! :)

hi! I am currently undertaking my thesis study and I'm already on the development stage. Can I use this as a background for my game? Thank you so much in advance!! :)

It says it uses a Creative Commons license and that you can use it commercially with credit, so I think you can definitely use it in your game.

Hey! really sorry Danielo456 for the delay, Yes indeed you can use in your game! just credit me :)


This is cool, definitely!, but instead of making me get the assets, you game me inspiration to make my own!

Thank you! :)

Hi! I am making something for a game, and I need a forest background. Can I use yours? If you allow me to use it, can I write your name on the credits?

Hello! Yes of course you can use!

thank you so much!

I have to make a trial game for my technology class, could I use this background?

Hello! Yes you can :)

can i use it for my game??

Yes of course! :)


Hello, I'm creating a game about planting trees, and this seems like the perfect background to use, so I was wondering if I could use it?

Yes of course you can use!

Hello, I was enquiring that can I please your background for my game? I want to sell my game

I would really appreciate it if you gave me permission. Thanks :)

Hi! yes you can use commercially or not, just credit me :)

hey! I dont know if you will reply back but can I use this in my game just for the background for the main menu and might change some bits, pls reply if I can or cant :D


Yes you can use! :)

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