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Vc é muito foda mano... muito incrível,  Aquela floresta cheia de neve também pode ser de graça ?

im sorry that i cant support you cause i don`t have  oversea payments,and your underground is amazing,i like it very much!! ps:i hope i type grammatically correct,im bad at English.

Hey thank you! that's fine I'm from Brazil, english is not my first language.

Amazing job! Can i use it in my android game project?

May I ask what software you used to create this?

Hi, I use Photoshop!

Ah I see, I was just wondering. Awesome work btw! :)

Hi, love your assets! I was wondering if I could use (or purchase) that brown blob you have on your itchio home page? Thank you!

Yes you can, but I don't have the sprite, just that gif...

this is amazing thanks

Thank you :)

Looks good, I will be using it for a game audio asset cover.  Can I put some text on it?

Yes you can :)

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Looks highly inspired by Eyvind Earle's art, I love it!

Hi i really like your background and i would be interested if you would let me use it in my game, i will give you full credit

Yes of course, you can use even in commercial work!

This is Great!

Thank you!

I like it very much thank for free

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Hi !
I like your background, it's exactly what I wanted.

I used it to make my first game, you can see it at :
And I credited you in my description of course.

Thanks again to share freely your work :)

Hi I absolutely love this background! I will credit you in my game when I publish it!
here check out how i set it up

Is commercial use ok?


Yes you can use on commercial use, and thanks for credit me!

can i use it in game for commercial purposes...??

Yes you can, I would love to be credited!

Hey this is really, really cool and fits perfectly for a prototype design I've got mostly completed now. Thanks for the art!

Thank you! :)

Hey I was wondering if I could just use specific assets from this image and if you would want to be credited?

I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply, Yes you can! and I whould love to be credited!

beautiful !

Thanks :)

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Stupid question: Can be used as wallpaper?

P.S. I've used this for a game, it was fantastic!!

Of course, if it looks nice. You can do whatever you want :)

Cool website

i've been trying to make this parallax , but i can't do it, can you help me? im doing in unity

I think I can help you, I have a project on unity with a parallax, send me a email:

Excellent quality. You're a great illustrator.

Thank you! :)

this is damn cool. thanks so much.

Thanks :)