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Can I freely use it commercially for a mobile game? Thanks, great art.

I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply, yes you can!

holy moly ,man these are amazing.

Thanks! :)

Hey, love your work! Is this inspired at all by Eyvind Earle?


Thank you! Yes it is! I love Eyvind Earle style! :)


May I use this asset in my game for commercial use? 

Thank you.

Hi, yes you can use :)



You should add the license info to the page (and, ideally, s r to the zip file).

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Hello, can i use this with Game Maker Studio 2?

I want to try it out before buying your other forest packages on sale. Cheers.

Hi, yes you can use with Game Maker, I didn't tried but this package and the other ones isnt made with an specific engine, you can use in any engine you like :)

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Thanks for reply. I have tried on Game Maker Studio 2. It works and I bought the holiday pack. I have 2 questions.

1.  Can it fit mobile and laptop screen size without getting blur or is there a specific screen size I should be using ?

2. Can I use this to make games, free and commercial? Credits will be given to you.

This is great work . Do you have anything on bamboo, balancing stones and water, sort of a Zen  feel and look?

 Cheers :)

1. This is a thing with the Game Maker Engine, in Unity I have to config the sprites to look pixelated, otherwise would look blurry, so maybe its the same thing with Game Maker.

2. Yes you can use free and commercial!

I don't have any "Zen" background, sorry :(

Thanks! :)

Hey man, I just wanted to say I love your work. I will definitely be buying those two priced ones when I get paid next. This is exactly what I have been looking for to use as a good place holder while I develop my game. 

I do have one question though, do you or are you working on any buildings? I need some castles and shacks for the game I am working on at the moment and can't seem to find any that I really like.

Hi, thank you very much :)
Unfortunately I'm not making any new assets for now, I don't have any castles or buildings :(

hi , how can i add this to unity ?

Do you use multiple game objects with sorting layers ? 

Hi, sorry for being late, yes you can add to Unity, and I use multiple game objects but it's only for demo purposes, I don't really know which one is the better option.


Thanks :)

Hello is this video

 free to use ? with credit ofc.

Yes it is :)

hey! i would really like to use this in one of my games! i will credit you btw

You can use of course! :)

Hello, I started working with games recently and I would like to know if I can use this art for my game, with the clear credits of course.
Q: A simple game, but I plan to put it in the playstore.

Yes of course, you can :)

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Rapaz agr que vi no seu perfil que é Br, psokaposkapsok, comecei a ver sobre  desenvolvimento de games recentemente, então por enquanto estou apenas nos projetos e treinando coisas simples mas agradeço.

Hauahahahahah quando vi seu nome "Lagarto" pensei nisso, enfim boa sorte, você pode usar esse plano de fundo inclusive em projeto comercial sem problemas caso você queira :)


Thanks! :)

This asset is very good and easy to use. May I please use it for commercial purposes in my game?

Hi, yes you can use :) but please consider crediting me :)

ok no problem. Did u mean cash credit or do I add a link to this website. I will add the link in the app description

I mean a link to my website or just my name, sorry for the confusion, english is not my first language :)

yeah its ok, In the app description, I will add a link to this page so others can download your assets too

Hi there, I work for Unity and we are working on building a demo that would potentially use your artwork. Would you consider giving us perpetual worldwide redistribution rights for the following assets? The demo would be used in many things - from training materials to marketing materials.  Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

This asset is very good and easy to use. May I please use it for commercial purposes in my game?

Hi, can you send me an email? send the details to or


hello there 

sir i'm wondering if i can download this background for free 

i will use it in my app (commercial use)

so what do you think?????

Hi, yes you can download for free, and yes you can use commercially!

To download for Free just put 0 usd and download the file!

Vc é muito foda mano... muito incrível,  Aquela floresta cheia de neve também pode ser de graça ?

im sorry that i cant support you cause i don`t have  oversea payments,and your underground is amazing,i like it very much!! ps:i hope i type grammatically correct,im bad at English.

Hey thank you! that's fine I'm from Brazil, english is not my first language.

Amazing job! Can i use it in my android game project?

May I ask what software you used to create this?

Hi, I use Photoshop!

Ah I see, I was just wondering. Awesome work btw! :)

Hi, love your assets! I was wondering if I could use (or purchase) that brown blob you have on your itchio home page? Thank you!

Yes you can, but I don't have the sprite, just that gif...

this is amazing thanks

Thank you :)

Looks good, I will be using it for a game audio asset cover.  Can I put some text on it?

Yes you can :)

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Looks highly inspired by Eyvind Earle's art, I love it!

Hi i really like your background and i would be interested if you would let me use it in my game, i will give you full credit

Yes of course, you can use even in commercial work!

This is Great!

Thank you!

I like it very much thank for free

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Hi !
I like your background, it's exactly what I wanted.

I used it to make my first game, you can see it at :
And I credited you in my description of course.

Thanks again to share freely your work :)

Hi I absolutely love this background! I will credit you in my game when I publish it!
here check out how i set it up

Is commercial use ok?


Yes you can use on commercial use, and thanks for credit me!

can i use it in game for commercial purposes...??

Yes you can, I would love to be credited!

Hey this is really, really cool and fits perfectly for a prototype design I've got mostly completed now. Thanks for the art!

Thank you! :)

Hey I was wondering if I could just use specific assets from this image and if you would want to be credited?

I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply, Yes you can! and I whould love to be credited!

beautiful !

Thanks :)

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Stupid question: Can be used as wallpaper?

P.S. I've used this for a game, it was fantastic!!

Of course, if it looks nice. You can do whatever you want :)

Cool website

i've been trying to make this parallax , but i can't do it, can you help me? im doing in unity

I think I can help you, I have a project on unity with a parallax, send me a email:

Excellent quality. You're a great illustrator.

Thank you! :)

this is damn cool. thanks so much.

Thanks :)

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