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A background of a forest (with layers) that you can immediately use for your project with ease!

1 Background with 9 layers.


PSD and PNG files.

Example in PNG.

Feel free to send me messages or leave a comment if you have questions or need more info. Enjoy!


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Free Pixel Art Forest.zip 1 MB


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Hi edermunizz.i want to use this asset on my game.I'll credit you. Can i use it?

Hello!, I love this forest, can I use it as background in a facebook page?

Hi! Yes you can use!


Hi edermunizz!

I am trying to build my first 2d game and I would like to use your work in it. I just want to make sure I can do that, since its for commercial purposes. Should I just credit you for your work?

Yes you can do that! just please credit me!


The parallax background is awesome! Great job!


good job was very very good


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I love this background (i didnt add all of it yet) im using it in my test game if you would like to check it out(any suggestions are appreciated!) https://mysticdevtaku.itch.io/projectheir


Beautiful graphics! I used this background for my levels in the Godot Wild Jam. The parallax layers are so beautiful, a lot of people commented positively on them. If ever I expand this game, I'll buy your other backgrounds that you're selling. They're just too amazing!

Here's the game. I hope I used your graphics properly :)


Great game!

Hi thanks! Yes you used properly :)

Thank you for offering this artwork!
I used your wonderful background in a custom game mod of "Celeste".

I was wondering if I can credit you under "Spriting" ?
That is where the rest of our artists are given credit.

Thanks! Yes of course.

Thanks so much for these assets! I've used them on the first game I've built on Unity: Nightmare Valley. Thanks again for sharing it with us! 😁

Thanks! What an interesting game!

I used your assets for my game Forest Flyer. Game is not finished yet, will add more features in future, also more backgrounds from you. Thanks for sharing your art :-)

Thanks! your game looks pretty cool!

hello. I'm new in unity and I would like to use this in my new project, but I don't know how to make it look overlapped like in your video, can you help me with that?

Hi! you can download this tileset on Unity Asset Store, the Unity version has a little demo, maybe it can help you... just search for Free Pixel Art Forest in the Store!

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Hi, yes you can! just don't forget to credit me.

I like the "atmosphere" of this. I wish PSD would make it easy to change the lighting, but unfortunately it is all rasterized.

Hey Thank you for you feedback!  :)

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Thanks a lot, 😁

I used your pixel parallax background to  create an awesome game available on Google Play.

Feel free to check it out! 😄

Hello, thanks for the background! I have used it for a prototype I'm making. If you want to check it out: https://moisesjpelaez.itch.io/2d-beat-em-up

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.XwinStudio.HeroesDashRun

Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

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Hey, I used your background in my game, gave you attribution inside the game.

Feel free to check it out :P



Hi! Thats looks awesome!

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Hey! this is amazing and I'm currently making a game featuring this aha! would you be able to make me someother backgrounds/characters? if so message me:
 discord: EnSea#5620

discord server: https://discord.gg/R5X7wPr

Email: anarch.animator@gmail.com

or even just respond to this with contact info. i'd be happy to pay as well aha

thank you, even if you decline.

have a good one.

Hi thanks!
Currently I'm not available for commissions, sorry.


This is awesome, but can you use this in godot? i'm new to the engine so help would be appreciated!

Hi, sorry for later response... Yes you can use in Godot, I just can't help you sinse I dont use Godot :(

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commercial use :)

Hi there.  I used some of your art for my browser-based Color by Number game: pixilpincil.com

Thanks, it's a lot of fun coloring them! :D

Cool! thaks!! :)


You can see me coloring it here :D

used your assets for my menu



wow!! nice

Thank you!

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Hi!)) Could I use it in a commercial project? P.S. Its incredible awesome background xD

Yes you can!

thanks this is really a great asset

Thank you!

Hello, Galaxy Warrior. What Galaxy are you from?:)

i think this Galaxy

cool love the art is awsome continue making its  awsome and super cool

Thank you!

Hi! I made a fun simple game with your background, check it out: https://gubebra.itch.io/marathon (thank you btw)

Cool! congrats :)

your art is great for some one who doesnot know how to draw

can I use for banner in my channel on twitch?


Yes of course!

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Yes you can use commercially.

can i put this in a game i will give credit ?

Yes you can!

can i use it in a prototype i'm  making?

Yes of course!

can i use for a game(comercial)

Yes you can use! Just don't forget to credit me.

Can I use in a game I'm making in my programming classes? Thanks, awesome art

thanks! Yes you can use!

Can I use this in a game I'm making for a jam?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, Yes you can use :)


Can I freely use it commercially for a mobile game? Thanks, great art.

I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply, yes you can!

holy moly ,man these are amazing.

Thanks! :)

Hey, love your work! Is this inspired at all by Eyvind Earle?


Thank you! Yes it is! I love Eyvind Earle style! :)


May I use this asset in my game for commercial use? 

Thank you.

Hi, yes you can use :)

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