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Free Pixel Art Forest

A background of a forest (with layers) that you can immediately use for your project with ease!

1 Background with 9 layers.


PSD and PNG files.

Example in PNG.


You can use this asset even commercially, just give proper credit. There's a txt file with the details.

Feel free to send me messages or leave a comment if you have questions or need more info. Enjoy!


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Free Pixel Art Forest.zip 695 kB


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Hi, your readme.txt in the download doesn't specify the license particulars.  (I was able to find information by looking at the info on itch.io, but you really want to have the license particulars in the readme.txt.)

Hi! Thanks! I just update the asset, and added the license.txt that contains all info needed :)

You're so talented! And you don't know how much the people who use this set appreciates the fact that you put so much effort into something that you're gonna give away for free!

Thank you! <3

Awesome asset! I thought I would notify you of some minor spelling errors in your readme file.
It says: "Thank you for buy my Fre Pixel Art Forest!", you probably want to change it to "...buy[ing] my Fre[e]...".
Also, you may want to change "Another assets available in store" to "My other assets, available online".
Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much for your help! Just updated the asset. I do have some problems with english hahaha

Thanks a lot !! :D

Thank you! :)


Thanks! :)


Thank you! :)

hi! I am currently undertaking my thesis study and I'm already on the development stage. Can I use this as a background for my game? Thank you so much in advance!! :)

It says it uses a Creative Commons license and that you can use it commercially with credit, so I think you can definitely use it in your game.

Hey! really sorry Danielo456 for the delay, Yes indeed you can use in your game! just credit me :)


This is cool, definitely!, but instead of making me get the assets, you game me inspiration to make my own!

Thank you! :)

Hi! I am making something for a game, and I need a forest background. Can I use yours? If you allow me to use it, can I write your name on the credits?

Hello! Yes of course you can use!

thank you so much!

I have to make a trial game for my technology class, could I use this background?

Hello! Yes you can :)

can i use it for my game??

Yes of course! :)


Hello, I'm creating a game about planting trees, and this seems like the perfect background to use, so I was wondering if I could use it?

Yes of course you can use!

Hello, I was enquiring that can I please your background for my game? I want to sell my game

I would really appreciate it if you gave me permission. Thanks :)

Hi! yes you can use commercially or not, just credit me :)

hey! I dont know if you will reply back but can I use this in my game just for the background for the main menu and might change some bits, pls reply if I can or cant :D


Yes you can use! :)



This is awesome .

Keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot of this great creation!!!

Thank you :)

It really reminds me of art in the game called Sword & Sworcery.
Very good job.

Yes! It inspired me a bit :) thanks!


Hello, use these assets for a free game.

You can play it in this link:


or see the video in this other link:

Thank you very much for your great assets =)


Hello, can I use this for my game ? And can i maybe change it a little bit ? I'm not sure will I be using this. Also, this work is just amazing :D

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oh, i saw your answer on same qustion, ok !

Thanks for this artwork :D I think u made it with love to developers <3

I'll be inspired by this :)

Hi thanks! :) glad you liked!

Awesome forest


Thaaanks! :)

It creates a great ambiance!


Thank you :)

oii eu sou do brazil e queria agradecer muito a vc,pois com a sua arte estar deixando meu game mais bonito,quando eu termina-lo eu queria te mandar ele e tbm queria sua opini茫o sobre ele

Ol谩a, muuito obrigado! por favor mande sim que eu vou adorar jogar!



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I liked it! :)





amazing work.

I saw that i can use the asset for commercial purposes. In the Hill Pack is written, that i can modify it too. Can i modify this asset pack too, to create bigger "different looking" sections of it?
Of course i will credit you.

Hi! Sorry for the late response, yes you can modify in any way to fit in your project, you can use in commercial projects too, you just can't re-send or re-sell the assets.

Amazing asset.

combine several funds of yours in this project. hope you like it =)
in a few days I will publish a version that can be played. =)

OMG beautiful game <3

Beutiful background!! thx for share your amazing art!

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Thank you for this beautiful assets shared with us. I used them for a discord challenge.


How do you make this? With Doom builder?

No i used unity. Floor is just flat quad and props are sprite always look to camera axis at y axis.

Ok lol


OMG that's so cool! I've never seen this asset being used this way! Its another perspective!

Alfantin this is really neat! Do you mind if I loop some of this footage to use as a sort of loading screen? With credit of course!

Sure :)

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Hey, I used your background in my Celeste inspired game! Here it is if you want to check it out: https://alexgomez141.itch.io/everlast


Very cool game!

Hi. I am doing a pixel art game with my friend. Can you explain or show us your (dash skill) code pls . We want to make a dash skill for our player prefab but we dont know how, we are beginner :)

Hi. I am doing a pixel art game with my friend. Can you explain or show us your (dash skill) code pls . We want to make a dash skill for our player prefab but we dont know how, we are beginner :)

Amazing background, I'm using it for a game jam with my friend!

Of course, I'm going to be crediting you, Thanks for this amazing asset =D

Thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for your efforts!

Thank you!

Opa, ol谩 edermunizz, Td bem?

Estou criandor meu primeiro jogo 2D e gostaria de usar seu trabalho nele. Eu s贸 quero ter certeza de que posso fazer isso, pois 茅 para fins comerciais. Devo apenas lhe dar cr茅dito pelo seu trabalho?

Ol谩, tudo bem? sim claro voc锚 pode usar comercialmente, e sim voc锚 precisa me dar os cr茅ditos, qualquer duvida s贸 chamar!


Hi edermunizz.i want to use this asset on my game.I'll credit you. Can i use it?

Hi, yes you can use of course!

Hello!, I love this forest, can I use it as background in a facebook page?

Hi! Yes you can use!


Hi edermunizz!

I am trying to build my first 2d game and I would like to use your work in it. I just want to make sure I can do that, since its for commercial purposes. Should I just credit you for your work?

Yes you can do that! just please credit me!


The parallax background is awesome! Great job!


good job was very very good


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I love this background (i didnt add all of it yet) im using it in my test game if you would like to check it out(any suggestions are appreciated!) https://mysticdevtaku.itch.io/projectheir


Beautiful graphics! I used this background for my levels in the Godot Wild Jam. The parallax layers are so beautiful, a lot of people commented positively on them. If ever I expand this game, I'll buy your other backgrounds that you're selling. They're just too amazing!

Here's the game. I hope I used your graphics properly :)


Great game!

Hi thanks! Yes you used properly :)

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