Create your own mage or knight with this free tool!


  • The final character are in 216x192 png file
  • The character sprite are divided in 36x24 animation cels
  • Walking, Iddle, Jump, Attack, Defend, Damage, Death and Special animations!


  • You can use in commercial or free projects.
  • You can use as many projects as you like
  • You can modify this asset.
  • You must give appropriate credit.
  • You can NOT re-distribute the file, no matter how much you modify it, you can use it but not share or re-sell it.


  • Q: I want all the modular parts, so I can make my own characters!
  • A: In this case, please look at Modular RPG Characters
  • Q: Can I have the Godot source project?
  • A: No, that's because this tool it's just an experiment, and I'm not very goodt at coding, with means that the project it's a mess :)

Feel free to send me messages or leave a comment if you have questions or need more info.

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GenreRole Playing
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TagsAnimation, Character Customization, Fantasy, free, Generator, Godot, Pixel Art, Sprites

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Can you add a gloves option if you have the time? I wanna make a character with no skin shown. 

Was wondering if you could make rolling animations?

The way I created this generator is very difficult to create new animations, because the final sprite size is already set, but I will take note in case I make future updates :)

Currently don't have money or budget to donate, but great tool man. I will credit you if I use the sprites I made. 


Very helpful for my game! I'll credit you

Oh. My. God. This is a masterpiece man, great job! It really has a lot of uses for my new RPG game! Thanks so much for this. God, I wish I had some money to donate to you or buy the Pixel Art Modular RPG Characters. And don’t worry I will give you the credit for the assets. Have a nice day!

could you provide it with walking with the back facing the camera?

Amazing tool.

Pls add an option to move the weapon. Good Tool.

You mean remove the weapon? thanks!

(1 edit)

yeah autocorrect

Currently, I have no use for it. But this is an amazing tool.

Thanks! :)